A sustainable coffee, please!


illy is the world’s first coffee with the DNV sustainability certification!


illy’s passion for coffee is also found in its respect for people and environment. This is why illy is the world’s first company to receive the prestigious Responsible Supply Chain Process (RSCP) certification of sustainability awarded by DNV (Det Norske Veritas).


What is RSCP?

Responsible Supply Chain Process is the new DNV certification standard, the first to attest the all-round sustainability of a company. With DNV, illycaffe is recognised as being sustainable through its production chain, from its corporate management ti its relationship with its suppliers, the coffee growers.


Who is DNV?

DNV (Det Norske Veritas) is an international certification body based in Oslo, Norway. Since 1864 it has encouraged businesses worldwide to grow responsibly, with a view to sustainable economic, environmental and social development.


Why illy coffee is sustainable:


·         illy purchases 100% of its green coffee in the countries of origin, selecting the best local growers

·         It transfers the necessary knowledge to these growers so that they can achieve an environmentally-friendly, quality production

·         It guarantees a higher than market price to reward quality and incentivize steady improvement